LUXOR Light Ascension

A Soul Empowerment Program through embodying higher frequencies through meditation 
and healing to Merge with Higher Self on the Journey of Awakening. 

 LUXOR Light Ascension

LUXOR Light is a system of meditation that brings the divine masculine and divine feminine into Union.  It was divinely inspired by ChristinA after her body began spontaneously shaking on waking one morning.  The shaking continued all day and then daily over the period of  year and ChristinA was guided to develop a meditation program that initiates this form of healing and release.  Read more here...


The meditation system awakens the kundalini enabling physical and emotional healing caused by stuck or blocked emotions  from our past or past lives.  The blocked energy  that is held in the electrical system of our body is then released and our nervous system,  physical and emotional health comes into a more balanced state.  This in turn enables healing at the level of the mental body and ultimately into the spiritual bodies with the shift into Higher Consciousness.   

The ultimate balance of divine masculine and divine feminine within is the result of doing this work.  Each of us must develop and awaken the masculine and feminine within each chakra and having healed polarity come into full Union with the Divine.  

A journey of meeting with your higher self takes you on an experiential ride into learning about yourself and understanding the ascension process and full Union with the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.


You can read about the participants experience of the above healing session here

The Kundalini Shake!

You can also awaken the Kundalini through the process of Healing with a LUXOR Light Frequency Healing, either Hands on or by regular Distant Healing with ChristinA

Rapid Healing and Peace Within

Any unhealed emotions or trauma that may have been stored in the nervous system can be released through what we call spontaneous activations that are so much the signature energy of LUXOR Light.  Through the process of meditation the body will reach a pivotal point in readiness for healing and the activation or body shaking will begin.  

It can assist in healing  -

If you have experienced some form of violence, shock, abuse, grief, relationship breakups, financial difficulties, accidents, loss, constant stress, or serious illness, etc...

This is a Self-healing system that through the process of this unique form of meditation, we are able to awaken the kundalini and raise our consciousness to the degree that we tap into our own Higher Self and anchor our Soul Signature energies so we can move forward into our Soul purpose and mission on Earth. 

What is Ascension

Ascension simply means to spiritually evolve, to climb higher up the ladder of consciousness.  We begin the process of healing through learning to understand our emotions.  The hardest level of our spiritual growth is moving through our emotional traumas by learning through them and then gaining a higher degree of understanding so we can become the master over our emotions.  This then enables a shift in consciousness as we move away from the victim mentality to gain a greater level of compassion for ourselves and others.  With this higher level of consciousness we are then able to work on mastering our mind as we move away from the negative ego state and connect deeper with our True Spiritual Self and are then able to lead a more fulfilled life striving towards our Soul purpose.     

The activations, (shaking or body tremors) that come in due course of working with the LUXOR Light Ascension meditation system is a safe and effective way to release the excessive trauma/stress build up held in our bodies. 

It Begins with Emotional Body Healing

Our emotions are stored in our body waiting to be released.  It can take hours, days, weeks or even months and in some cases years after and emotional or traumatic experience before it comes to the surface to be healed..  Our mind becomes overactive and our body becomes stuck in the past and holds onto stored emotions that can then manifest as dis-ease in our physical body.  

Most of us tend to go around in circles in our mind and this creates fear, anger and sadness and this then settles into our body and we become "stuck" weighed down by too many unresolved emotions.  

Through the constant observation of myself and participants from my classes in the years since this first happened to me (3.3.2004), I have learned how to bring stillness and stability to my body, emotions and mind through connecting with the energies that are harnessed with this unique system of meditation.  

The body that is awakened to the activations (shaking) begins to communicate with a divine universal healing frequency that we call LUXOR Light and healing begins.  

Becoming our Heavenly Self on Earth

The energies or frequencies that are harnessed through the LUXOR Light Ascension system assists us to surrender on a deep energetic level and we are then able to totally accept and let go of the past experiences and come fully into the Present moment as we begin to fully embody the state of Heart-Mind.  

The Heavenly state of Presence and stillness that comes from embodying these energies give us the perfect environment for gaining mastery over the mind.  Once we are able to still the internal chatter we clear the channels to the Higher Intuitive mind giving us a clear reception for guidance from our Higher Self.  

The LUXOR Light System of Meditation awakens the Kundalini and enables you to come into union with the Divine as we unite all aspects of our selves with the Heart.  The healing is propelled through all the bodies as we climb into the Spiritual Self and then return to anchor the higher frequencies of our I Am here on Earth.  Our gifts are awakened and our missions begin....

Twin Soul Merge

LUXOR Light Ascension Program awakens and balances the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within your chakra system and assists with the merger of the Twin Soul, this in turn begins the magnetic attraction of the Twin Flame incarnate on Earth.   

Ametron - Bringer of Truth

Channelled Sound Frequencies that awaken the pineal gland and emit powerful healing vibrations of Source Light. Awakening through LUXOR Light activates and stimulates the pineal gland and the natural progression is to become a pure and direct channel for Source Light through the vibration of Sound.  We call this Sacred Sound Healing. The Sounds are the Frequencies of your True Self or your I Am Presence/God Self emitting the light of the crystaline frequencies from Source.  Ametron Truth Sacred Sound healing awakens you to become a direct and clear channel;  It is not learned it is awakened!

It all begins with the LUXOR Light Ascension Program

Ascension is a shift in consciousness allowing us to
"ascend" into higher levels of awareness.